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The Opening of 2013 Nanomaterials Workshop
Time:2013-06-07 Source:Unknown Click:Time
2013 Nanomaterials Workshop hosted by Nano Structural Materials Center of School of Materials Science and Engineering was opened at the Third Seminar Hall in Nanjing University of Science and Technology at 9 a.m. on June 5. The workshop lasted two days from June5 to June 6.
At the opening ceremony, Prof. Linfang Qian,Vice-president of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, delivered a welcome speech. Prof.Yuntian Zhu, president of the workshop, gave an introduction of Nano Structural Materias Center and the workshop to all the invited speakers and attendants.

Vice-president Linfang Qian delivered a welcome speech.

Prof.Zhu gave an introduction of Nano Structural Materials Center and the workshop.

Prof. Vaclav Vitek gave a report titled Non-planar dislocation cores:A ubiquitous phenomenon controlling mechanical behavior of materials.

Prof.Ruslan Valiev gave a report titled Bulk nanostructured metals with multifunctional properties.

Prof. Robert Hull gave a report titled Assembly of Complex Epitaxial Nanostructures for  Potential  Nanoelectronic Applications.

Prof.Yonghao Zhao gave  a report titled Optimizing mechanical properties of bulk nanostructured 7075 .

2013 Nanomaterials  Workshop is the first workshop held by Nano Structural Materials Center. In the future, Nano Structural Materials Center will continue to hold the workshop every year.

About Nano Structural Materials Center : http://www.njust-smse.com/nmc/en/index.html
Nano Structural Materials Center (NSMC) was founded in 2011 in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology.
The mission of NSMC is to become a world-class center in fundamental research on materials science and to develop and commercialize nanotechnologies. The fundamental research on nanostructured materials includes deformation mechanism, mechanics, mechanical properties, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, irradiation resistance, wear resistance, and computational simulation. The nanotechnology development includes nanomaterials processing, new nanotechnology conception and scale-up, and new equipment design and manufacturing.
NSMC is recruiting outstanding researchers in the area of nanostructured materials from both China and abroad, establishing a state-of-the-art experimental facility, operating the center with an approach similar to what is in a western research university, and collaborating with many distinguished research groups and scientists internationally and in China.
NSMC is an open institute that supports inter-institute research and collaboration. Welcome to visit us and to join us.